• History

SALAC was founded by Mr Jean Vial in 1956. It makes and distributes sports equipment under the KIMBERFEEL brand.

Since its formation the company has explored the markets of mountain footwear, trekking, rambling and après-ski with a line of backpacks and accessories.

Our customers are primarily located in Europe and our main stockists include specialist shops selling sports equipment, footwear and accessories.

The models in our collections are designed and made to satisfy everyone’s requirements while standing by our expertise and quality charter through the quality materials used in our models.


The year of innovation

The year of innovation/change, the company has set up a web site, modernized its logo and extended its premises.




Sponsoring of 2 athletes from the Sports Club of La Clusaz
• Anais Caradeux (Ski Freestyle)
• Mirabelle Thovex (Snowboard- HALF PIPE)

Launch of a product range of flip-flops

Launch of a product range of coloured and original flip-flops with soles made from recycled tyres.



SALAC celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Armed with its experience, it established itself step by step, like one of the leaders on the rambling and trekking markets.

Sponsor RAID ISC – Grand Nord Expedition.

6 students on 7 rivers crossed the Arctic circle, 1700 km in canoes and 350 km trekking totally solo for 75 days. KIMBERFEEL once again came forward and equipped its adventurers with rambling footwear for a 3-month expedition from CANADA to ALASKA.



Technical tests of our first telescopic sticks

Technical tests of our first telescopic sticks with shock absorber by Mr L. Devesa, who has a state-certified diploma in Mountaineering. After 7 days' of tests, the results were very conclusive, we then launched the production and marketing of this new product for our customers.

Sponsor of the RAID ISC – Greenland Expedition

6 students, a 2-month expedition, 1100 km on cross-country skis, fly skis and kayaks. This expedition was completely solo and unaided. Once again KIMBERFEEL was one of the partners of this adventure through its material contribution of "Extreme cold" shoes. For this "Extreme cold" test the technical report on the use of KIMBERFEEL equipment (après-ski) showed that the shoes subjected to harsh treatment and climatic conditions (+5° to -30°C) fully accomplished their mission.



OC system sole

OC system sole fitted on our winter products.

The company started distributing ski caps, gloves and socks to expand its range of accessories.

Sponsor of the RAID ISC, adventure Inca. A sporting, cultural and human challenge in which success in this raid was achieved through the training and determination of each participant. Beyond each person's personality, the participants stressed the importance of the choice of equipment: communications, bivouac and topographic and individual equipment (clothes, shoes). KIMBERFEEL was one of the equipment partners valued by all the participants.



Identification of our KIMBERTEX membrane for our 1st SUMMER collection 2001.

Launch of a backpack line.



Sponsor of the Scooter World Tour

Nathalie Cuche and Eric Beallet did a world tour on scooters. Kimberfeel followed them and equipped them with shoes throughout their tour.

Creation of the first dedicated snowshoe boot.



Snowboard boo department set up with the collaboration of competitors and instructors.

The KIMBERFEEL trademark was registered to boost the development and marketing of its models.



The company specialized in après-ski items.

It decided to develop its own models in collaboration with market research and design firms. It became designer and manufacturer by acquiring a stake in 2 workshops.

Formation of the company by Jean Vial

In the early years, sales grew through trading and wholesale distributor for numerous brands.