• Technology

Research and development are at the heart of the KIMBERFEEL manufacturing process.

Inspired by mountains, the brand has developed exclusive expertise and offers products as technically efficient as they are attractive in terms of style and design.


Zoom on 3 key professions

Anyone who is involved in mountain activities knows how demanding we are. That is why KIMBERFEEL is committed both to its distributors and its users.



Our designers conceive and create the models that make up our collections of tomorrow. They are responsible for developing a comprehensive product line matching the KIMBERFEEL image.


Pattern-maker - Pattern-cutter

Using our designs and models, the pattern-maker/pattern-cutter designs and creates the patterns for production. He may be required to do design work on the computer.



The fitter assembles the sole with the leg using various different fixing processes.

Our Kimbertex technology

Comfort and impermeability

The microporous structure of the rainproof and snow-proof membrane ensures evaporation of perspiration, offering comfort and versatility.

An exclusive and original protective membrane keeps the wearer’s feet stay dry and warm, even on the coldest and wettest days. Kimbertex is synonymous with practicality, technology and meticulous design.


  • Impermeable membrane
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Hard-wearing system

Other product features

Cuir Leather
Coolmax Coolmax fabric

VIBRAM Technology

Semelle gauche Adhérence Freinage Traction Stabilité





Semelle droite Semelle droite

Large surface for optimal adherence

Profiled crampon for better adherence on uneven terrain

High side profile for better protection

Heel cut-out ensures better stability and cushioning

Logo Vibram

OC SYSTEM technology

Logo OC System

The OC System Tipper non-slip system with a mobile two-position understrap ensures comfortable and stable steps on frozen surfaces. It can also be used to walk on traditional floors without damaging them.